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Salt Applications
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Once refined, table salt is energetically dead and the body needs to use its own life force to incorporate this dead substance somehow into itself. Dead sodium is abundant around cancer cells. It is also inferior to build stable bones (one third of the sodium in the human body is stored in the bones). The body recognizes table salt as an aggressive cellular poison, an unnatural substance, and wants to eliminate it as quickly as possible in order to protect itself. This causes a constant overburden on our organs of excretion. In almost every preserved product, salt is used as part of the preservation process. So, by adding common table salt to the already-salted food, the body receives more salt than it can get rid of.

The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue, which is also the cause of cellulite. That’s why doctors tell us to avoid salt. For every 1 gram of sodium chloride that cannot be eliminated, the body uses 23 times the amount of its own cell water to neutralize the salt. If the sodium chloride is still too high, re-crystallization of the table salt occurs as the body uses available non-degradable animal proteins (as those found in milk), which also have no value and cannot be broken down and eliminated. The body uses these proteins to produce uric acid in order to get rid of the excess salt. As the body cannot dispose of uric acid, it binds itself with the sodium chloride to form new crystals that are deposited directly in the bones and joints. This is the cause of different kinds of rheumatism such as arthritis, gout, and kidney and gall bladder stones. This re-crystallization is the body’s band-aid solution for the cells and organs in order to protect the body from irreparable damage of irresponsible food intake. But in the long run, it poisons the system because those substances cannot be disposed of.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, refined salt is extremely yang or rigidifying and structuring. This correlates to the findings of western medicine that show that excessive table salt leads to hardened deposits in the body, stiffening joints and blood vessels. If we regularly consume table salt, cravings for sugar and/or alcohol are amplified. Replacing table salt with crystal salt has helped many people overcome sugar cravings and binge eating of sweets. Some of the more successful programs for healing people from alcoholism in Europe do not allow their clients any table salt in their diets. This does not mean that table salt consumption is the only reason for these addictions, only that they become amplified through the extreme yang effect of table salt. There are always emotional factors at play in addictions but to overcome them is made much easier when the substance one is addicted to is no longer needed to balance out other extreme substances.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is gained from seawater through evaporation under the sun. If it is left in its natural state after this drying process, it is a wholesome product. Such unrefined sea salt is gray in color and has 64-72 elements in balanced proportions. However, most sea salts on the market, including those that are used in various health food products, are still highly refined. Any sea salt that is white is highly refined and not recommendable. Unrefined sea salt has some life force and very different electrical properties than refined salt. Before crystal salt came on the market, it was the best salt available. The increasing pollution of oceans of course is problematic when we want to use sea salt.


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